News and Events

Past Events

Use of the deep subsurface in the UK: what are the Implications for groundwater resources?
July 11-12, 2018 Hydrogeological Group, British Geological Survey, International Association of Hydrogeologists. London, UK

GeoEdmonton. September 23-26, 2018. IAH CNC/Canadian Geotechnical Society. Edmonton, Canada.

Deep Groundwater Circulation and its Potential Influence on Shallow Water Resources and Ecoysystems. IAH CNC Annual Meeting. GAC-MAC-IAH/CNC. May 12-15, 2019. Meeting. Quebec, Canada.

Hydrogeology and Energy. GSA Annual Meeting. Sept 24, 2019.  Phoenix, USA.

Upcoming Events

GeoConvention. May 11-13. Calgary, Canada.

Water-Energy Nexus in Sedimentary Basins. 2020 Geological Society of American Annual Meeting. October 25-28. Montreal, Canada.